Frequently ask questions about daytime running lights and daytime runnig lights with fog lights

  1. Is really no certificate necessary for the lights?
    Yes, all necessary approval marks are already present on the glasses of the lights. These marks prove that the lights have been approved and tested!

  2. Which markings are necessary for daytime running lights?
    That is regulated through the ECE-R87 guide line of the  Economic Commission for Europe.
    Necessary are the following marks and identifiers:
    a)         E-mark

    The E mark means, that the light has been checked and is allowed fort he use in traffic. It hast o be present in a line of sight and can be recocnized throgh a big „E“ with a small number aside inside a circle. The number provides the information in which country the permission has been granted. E.g. the number 4 is for the Netherlands. In addition to that a type identification as well as a type approval number is necessary.
    b)         RL identification

    The RL mark makes sure, that the light is allowed to use as a daytime running light. In most cases a 00 as well as another number is present. The 00 stands for the year in which the regulations dates from (in this case the year 2000. The other numbers is an individual number of the light.
    c)         A mark

    The A mark means that the light is also allowed to use as positioning light. This mark is only important for lights that are dimming down after the regular light have been turend on.
    d)         F mark

    Marking for tha admission as fog light.
  3. Have special measuremnts tob e followed when mounting the lights?
    Yes, there are different regulations for light with- and without dimming function
    a)         Daytime running lights with dimming function
    Minimun installation height: 350mm (measured from the lower edge of the light to the ground)
    Distance between the daytime running lights: 600mm
    Exception: vehicles <1300mm min. 400mm
    Mounting:: Max. 400mmfrom the veryend of the vehicle width
    b)         Daytime running lights without dimming function
    Minimun installation height: 250mm (measured from the lower edge of the light to the ground)
    Distance between the daytime running lights: 600mm
    Mounting:: Max. 400mmfrom the veryend of the vehicle width

  4. Will an error message displayed after mounting the lights?
    Some vehicles of the newer generation are now equipped with a so-called CAN bus or LIN bus systems. With a low, permanent testing current those systems are checking the light, display and turn signal function. So that no error message is shown when mounting our daytime running lights, you will need, in addition to the daytime running lights, a load resistor which is connected to the connecting cable of the fog lights. So you can mount the daytime running lights without any errors. For vehicles without serial fog lights or without CAN-bus system, these resistors are not needed. With some items these load resistors are already included in the delivery. With others you’ll have to order the resistors separately.

  5. Why don’t fit the connectors with my vehicle?
    The delivery includes a H11-plug. This connector fits some vehicles (e.g. partially VW, Audi, Seat, etc…). If the plug does not fit your vehicle, the H11-plug has to be replaced with a vehicle specific plug. We cannot offer such a connector! You also have the option to remove the plug and connect the cables.