LED Daytime Running Lights VW Passat 3C (2005 to 2010)

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LED backfitting-daytime-running-lights VW  Passat 3C (2005-2010)
TÜV approved!



Suitable for VW Passat 3C / Sedan/Limousine + Wagon/Variant / 2005-2010




Our offered daytime running light is a vehicle specific item, especially manufactured for the VW Passat 3C (2005-2010). The daytime running light fits into the original openings of the fog light covers. The mounting is done to already existing mounting points with a vehicle specific mounting adapter to the front bumper. If your car does not have serial fog lights, you can purchase such a cover with corresponding openings for low-cost at your local car dealer or via internet. The fixing / mounting of the daytime running lights is done without drilling to already existing mounting points.




This LED daytime running light backfitting set replaces the factory-provided fog lights of the VW Passat 3C (2005-2010). Because of the modified beam of light and the different wiring, the daytime running light cannot be used as a fog light.






Backfitting LED-daytime running lights:


  • Daytime running light with very high power 18x white LED
  • The control module of the LED is already installed
  • Extreme long life LED with very high illuminating power / white glossy signal light – not comparable with the light of the original fog lights
  • Easy to install thanks to vehicle specific brackets
  • Waterproof housing
  • The daytime running lights are activated by turning on the ignition. So you cannot forget to switch the lights on. The daytime running lights turn off automatically when the headlights are turned on respectively the light dim down 50%. Depending of the choosen model:
    With dimming- / parking light function: The daytime running lights dimm down 50% to parking light level when the headlights are switched on
    Without dimming- / parking light function: The daytime running lights turn off when the headlights are switched on.
  • Set consist of 2 daytime running lights (left + right)
  • No measurable increased power consumption compared to driving without lights
  • Current consumption: 12 Volt = 3,4W
  • STVO / TÜV approved






  • Ø 90 mm, depth 69 mm




Scope of supply:


  • 2 pcs. LED backfitting daytime running lights 12 Volt with or without dimming- / parking light function, please select the desired execution
  • Prefabricated cables + connectors for a faster mounting
  • Vehicle specific mounting adapter VW Passat 3C (2005-2010)
  • Mounting material + screws
  • Mounting- and connection description in german
  • 2x load resistors 50 watt / 6 ohm


Vehicles with Can-Bus system!
Vehicles of the newer generations are equipped today with so called Can-Bus respectively LIN-Bus systems. With a low, permanent testing current those systems are checking the light, display and turn signal function. So that no error message is shown when mounting our daytime running lights the scope of supply includes two load resistors which are being connected to the connection wires of the fog lights. So you can mount the daytime running lights without any errors. Please compare us with other suppliers of daytime running lights. We’re not only delivering the daytime running lights but also the resistors.





Regulations for admission:


  • Thanks to ECE, E11, R87 and RL-mark Europe-wide admission
  • Thanks to the E-proof mark on the lens the item is 100% allowed in the street traffic and approved
  • No extra entry in your car documents needed
  • Only lights like these with the ECE-87 and RL mark on the lens are approved as daytime running lights in street traffic everything else are just side-marker lamps!
  • Thanks to the proof marks on the lens no extra documents (like test reports etc.) have to be carried alongside the normal car documents.








You have the chance to download the mounting instruction at the point “Additional product information” below this description!






Color temperature = 4500 Kelvin, similar to the daytime running lights of AUDI!







This LED daytime running light installation kit replaces the factory fitted fog lights. Just replace the fog lamps with the daytime running lights (with the mounting material) and to reconnect the cables.


The built-in relay controls the circuit of the lights. Please connect the lights as shown in the wiring diagram (included within the delivery). The daytime running lights illuminate automatically when the ignition is switched on and the headlights are off. This is not a substitute for low beam lights used by dawn or darkness. The daytime running lights turn off respectively dim down automatically when the headlights are being switched on, depending of the purchased version! Please choose the type required when ordering whether you want the daytime running lights dimming- / parking light function!


For vehicles with xenon headlights, the headlight plus from the daytime running lights has to be connected to the parking lights!



Differences to other suppliers:


  • Vehicle specific backfitting daytime running lights
  • Control module is already installed in the housing – therefore no additional wiring is needed for the control module
  • Please be aware that our daytime running lights are not, as offered in most of the cases, mounted to / or under the spoiler. This looks like all show and no go. Our daytime running lights do not only provide an optical upgrade, it is also extends your safety in the street traffic and appears like a “Facelift” at your VW.




Worth knowing:
These daytime running lights are do not only provide an optical upgrade, it is also extends your safety in the street traffic. For years international institutions and associations argue for driving with light during the day. In some countries this is already mandatory! New EU directive! Beginning of February 2011 all new vehicles have to be equipped with daytime running lights.
There are many suppliers of LED daytime running lights. Please compare all the offers before purchasing. For over 25 years we’re producing, developing and selling high quality accessories for Truck’s, Van’s, SUV’s, mobile homes and passenger cars. Set trust in our experience. We’re a reliable and qualified partner in the matter of accessories.


Information about the manufacturer:




Since 2002 Euralight is a brand that develops and manufactures high-quality lights for the automotive industry and is known far beyond the borders of Europe. The product range of Euralight consists, among other, beam headlights and fog lights made out of stainless steel, corresponding halogen bulbs and also LED daytime running lights.

Additional product information

Handbook Download
Daytime running light version Without dimming- / parking light function

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